Our Services

Falcon Logistics Inc. seeks to provide quality organizational, administrative, technical and hands on field service to foreign companies working in the various sectors in Guyana

Falcon Logistics Inc. was established in January 2013.  While being a young company, Falcon Logistics Inc. is owned by two partners who have over (35) years of combined experience in logistics and property management.  The Consultancy was established to provide services in several core areas, namely administration, logistics, procurement, personnel recruitment, permitting and institutional liaison, banking, exploration planning and execution, mineral property sales, networking, etc.  We have also established a pool of experienced personnel in various skills areas who work for the company on a needs basis.


Our strength as a company is rooted in the experience of the partners and key personnel.  In addition, Falcon Logistics Inc. has teaming arrangements and understanding of co-operation with several local firms giving us an edge in bringing their expertise to the project as needed.


What we do

One of the most difficult aspects of an exploration company getting established in a new country is the “General and Administrative Expense Ratio (G&A)” measuring how management puts shareholder money to work. A high G&A ratio means a company is spending a lot on overhead ….and less of investors’ money is actually going into the project, where the upside potential of the company lies.  Using our infrastructure and teaming contractors will slash your administration costs and capital expenditures in the early stages of exploration or mine planning.

Some of the areas in which we have experience and can provide services and/or procure teaming arrangements are:

  • Licensing and Permitting
  • Mineral Property Assessment and Acquisition
  • Prospecting and Exploration
  • Work Permits and Visas
  • Industrial Safety and Operations – ISO Standards
  • Socio-Economic Development – Experienced locally based Consultancy in Guyana.
  • Environmental Impact Studies-local and international companies.
  • Aviation Industry Operational and Safety Audits –International standards.
  • Aviation Industry Professionals-Guyana
  • Security – International Accredited Security firm (US Trained and Aviation security experts)
  • Barge Operations
  • Customs Brokering, Importing/Exporting
  • Geologist and P.Geo, Services
  • IT and Remote Satellite Internet installation and maintenance
  • Office Administration
  • Payroll and tax compliance administration
  • Office relocation
  • Duty and Tax clearing and Goods handling
  • Secure Warehousing and Storage, Indoor/Outdoor

what our clients say


We imported and then later exported a large scale mining operation including heavy equipment and personnel into Guyana from the USA, for a period of 6 months in order to film a TV series. Falcon Logistics Inc. was instrumental in providing administrative and logistical support and ensuring that we complied with the laws and regulations of Guyana. They were honest and straightforward in all aspects of their business.

Todd Hoffman, 316 Mining |  March –October, 2013

“Dear Falcon Logistics,

All I can say to you guys is “THANK YOU”….
You have both been incredibly helpful, and of course we would use you if we do anything again in Guyana.
Your help and professionalism in everything you did for us, again thanks so much, I know at times it’s been a little difficult at time, but you guys did a wonderful job for everyone.

Thanks and best wishes”

Product Marketing Director,
Multi-National Heavy Equipment Manufacturer,
USA, 2013″



Our objective is simple

Our objective is to provide organizational services to the finest detail for those companies who are seeking to make their business more efficient in Guyana. For new companies entering into country, we can help you establish your business and infrastructure requirements. Falcon Logistics Inc. can then plan, organize and execute your exploration or other project without the long term overhead and infrastructure holding costs.