About us

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Our experiences of (20) years working in Guyana have shown many companies struggle on initial launch into country because they are not well positioned to understand fully the local customs and culture.   We seek to first understand our client’s needs and goals and then assist in integrating those requirements into a package that fits under the customs and laws of Guyana.

Our objective is to provide organizational services to the finest detail for those companies who are seeking to make their business more efficient in Guyana.  For new companies entering into country, we can help you establish your business and infrastructure requirements.  Falcon Logistics Inc. can then plan, organize and execute your exploration or other project without the long term overhead and infrastructure holding costs.


ATV Trail Construction

Road Surfacing

Airstrip Construction '99

Laterite Road

Bridge Building

Our Mission

Falcon Logistics Inc. seeks to provide quality organizational, administrative, technical and hands on field service to foreign companies working in the various  sectors in Guyana.


Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver results, safely and on time at competitive prices while ensuring that our clients are fully satisfied. Our success is not measured by the number and/or value of consultancies that we undertake, but instead by the results we generate and the manner in which we accomplish the goal.


For companies already here, or that are not involved in mineral exploration, we can manage contract work through established TOR thereby relieving the company of the responsibility and liability associated with administrative or field work.

Our Management

Over 35 years of combined experience in logistics and property management.

Marshall Mintz

Over 30 years experience mining, exploration, operations planning and operations management.

  • Experience in Asia, Canada and South America.
  • Assessing and prospecting mineral properties and infrastructure including heavy equipment.
  • Acquiring mineral properties.
  • Vending mineral properties.
  • Planning of alluvial diamond and gold exploration programs.
  • Planning and operations of alluvial exploitation programs.
  • Planning and executing diamond drill programs.
  • Planning and executing trenching and pitting programs.
  • Planning for projects and infrastructure in remote areas.
  • Locating, planning and building airstrips.
  • Surveying, planning and developing access roads, trails, and bridges in jungle environments.

Our team is solid

Management and employees are all required to deal fairly with the Company’s customers, suppliers, competitors and other employees in a business-like manner, free from discriminatory practices, including harassment. All Company personnel are required to maintain and protect the confidentiality of all information and materials entrusted to them.